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Stick & String Outfitters is proud to bring you a very special bowhunting opportunity in New Zealand.  We have teamed up with one of the largest and most diverse, best quality, and well-respected outfitters in New Zealand, Kiwi Safaris. They also have the most bowhunting experience of any outfitter on the islands. Being a large outfitter, they can offer diverse hunting on numerous properties for any species you desire. Kiwi Safaris is also one of the few New Zealand outfitters to offer "free range" hunts in addition to "estate hunts." Kiwi Safaris New Zealand is located in our of the worlds most diverse hunting locations - the South Island. They also offer hunts on the North Island.

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Hunting with Kiwi Safaris

We offer only the very best in fair chase "free range" hunting on exclusive private properties, where outstanding trophies are regularly taken. We also offer the finest "game ranch" hunts on our exclusive hunting estates, for all game animals in New Zealand. We don’t just hunt one small property therefore limiting our client’s chance of taking the largest trophies.

Jeri Frehner with her World Record Red Stag for a lady hunter at 468 SCI.

The different species of game animals all have different requirements to grow the largest trophies, from climate to terrain. Also clients get the opportunity to see more of our beautiful country. All trophies are eligible for the SCI record book, plus each year we consistently take a number of Red Stags and Wapiti (Elk) Bulls that score over 400 SCI.

All out hunting in the South Island takes place on rolling to steep hill country, which backs onto the lofty peaks of the Southern Alps. A reasonable level of fitness is preferable and will make your hunt more enjoyable. In the North Island, the country is rolling and easy to get around.

We specialize in husband and wife teams and use only the best accommodation where you can enjoy first class meals and genuine Kiwi hospitality. When on safari we use our own lodges, our new one at Sherwood Downs and of course our lodge at Quartz Creek. In Christchurch we recommend our clients to stay at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Join the 'professional and friendly team' from KIWI Safaris and experience all we have to offer in the South Pacific; Big Game Hunting, Bird shooting and Varmint Hunting, Fishing and Photographic safaris...

'Come as client, leave as a friend'...


Kiwi Safaris New Zealand attract more and more bow hunters every year and this is reflected in the SCI Bow Hunting Record Book where in the Tahr section alone, clients of Kiwi Safaris NZ hold 9 of the first 10 placings. Many huge red stag have also been taken with bow and arrow.

We encourage our bow hunters to come early in the season from late February through to May as the days are longer, the game is more settled and the access is excellent to our properties at that time of year.

We use the spot and stalk method of hunting, plus we also have a few blinds in strategic spots. All our guides carry laser range finders and typically shots are between 25-40 yards.

Mike Freeman is the General Manager of Kiwi Safaris New Zealand. He is a past winner of the World Bow Hunters chapter award for Professional Outfitter of the year. Mike’s great love of hunting over the previous twenty years saw him become an outfitter in 1988. Being an avid trophy hunter, he has built up an excellent knowledge of all game species found throughout the South Pacific. Mike has also hunted overseas with some of the best outfitters in Australia, New Caledonia, Mongolia, Canada and the United States. In January 2004 and 2005 Mike was honoured by Safari Club International at the Reno Convention when he was awarded the runner up award for the International Professional Hunter of the Year for 2004 and 2005.

Big Game Hunting

Red Stag Hunting

Red Stag is probably the most popular animal in New Zealand for overseas hunters to pursue.  They can be sought after from February to the end of August.  The top months for pursuing these magnificent animals is March or April when they are in the roar which is similar to the rut that our elk have. 

We have the world's greatest red deer herds on offer. Native to Europe, red deer were first introduced to New Zealand in 1851 from top Scottish and English herds. With our mild climate, the lack of any predators plus widespread releases, they were soon established through the North and South Islands. The red stag can be hunted from late February through to the end of August. Many consider March and April the most exciting hunting, as this is when the ‘rut’ is on. The ‘roar’ of the red stag is enough to excite the most experienced trophy hunter.

Of the seven deer species still to be found in New Zealand, the red deer is the most common and is almost the most sought after quarry of the hundreds of overseas hunters who regularly visit our shores. Kiwi Safaris offer the finest ‘free range’ and ‘game ranch’ trophy hunts for red stag in New Zealand.

We hunt both Islands, on large private sheep and cattle ranches, which feature rolling hill country, interspersed with clear mountain streams and areas of native forest. In the South Island, free range stags are found on the Phantom Wilderness.

The size and nature of the country makes them difficult to hunt, except for the hardened and fit trophy hunter. The red stag is about the size of a mule deer buck. Every year we take trophy stags from about 300 SCI to 450 SCI. In good growing years the largest stags will approach 500 SCI. Free range stags measure from around 260 to 330 SCI.

New Zealand Bull Elk

It was in 1905 that the only liberation of North American Elk took place, in the inhospitable Fiordland National Park, in the southwestern corner of the South Island. The area consists of steep glaciated valleys, clad in dense rain forests, surrounded by towering bluffs and snow capped mountains. The area is subject to a rainfall level exceeding 300 inches annually.

The Rocky Mountain Elk adapted readily to their new environment and in the early years grew antlers approaching the best that their North American forebears produced. Unfortunately, the herd expansion was halted by the topography and the fast encroaching Red deer herds with which they interbred. Because there are so few pure Elk left in the wilds of Fiordland, the only hunt we offer is a ‘game estate’ hunt in the South Island.

Each year we take some exceptional bulls, with both rifle and bow in the 300-400+SCI range. Elk or Wapiti as they are known in New Zealand can be hunted from the middle of February through to August. The Elk bugle starts in March and continues through April.

Himalayan Tahr and European Chamois Hunting

Tahr and chamois are two of the most prized wild goat species in the world.  They inhabit some of the most rugged country known to man. Mike Freeman's KIWI Safaris has long been known for the high quality of it's free range, fairchase alpine hunts for Himalayan Tahr and Chamois. During the last decade we have put in place, rigorous long term game management strategies, on the ranches we hunt exclusively. Our aim is to develop the finest free range, fairchase hunting available in New Zealand. Hunting that compares to any of the great hunting adventures, available in the World. We are now achieving this with our Himalayan Tahr hunts.

All our Tahr and Chamois properties are fully accessible by four wheel drive vehicle. Sometimes in the winter we may use a helicopter for transport, but all hunting is done on foot. The hunting is spot and stalk, so good binoculars are essential. Our guides carry spotting scopes at all times. Accommodation can be in our hunting lodge situated in the high mountains or at one of ranch houses close by the hunting area, with full facilities and excellent meals, it is ideal for hunters and their families. We customize every hunt to meet our client's every need so contact us for a quote.

The Tahr and Chamois can be hunted from our lodges at Sherwood Estate or in the Rangitata Valley on Quartz Creek. Experience the best Tahr and Chamois with Kiwi Safaris.

Tahr Hunting

The Tahr has been designed by nature as the perfect extreme mountain animal with only the Rocky Mountain Goat challenging him as the ‘King of the Mountain’. The Tahr bound down the almost vertical rock bluffs, their hooves barely touching the rock, while we only can stand and watch in awe.

To see a mature Bull, in full rut, standing on the white snow, his flared mane blowing in the wind is one of the most memorable alpine hunting experiences.The bulls are either solitary or in small bachelor groups, but at the onset of the ‘rut’ in early may, they join the female groups. A mature Bull can weigh up to 300 lbs.

At Kiwi Safaris NZ we pride ourselves on the fact we hunt 95% of all our Tahr on foot without the need for helicopter access. Our 4 private properties border one another and have excellent 4x4 vehicle access.

Remember, we hunt on the eastern side of the Southern Alps and it is all ranch country ranging from rolling hills to steep mountain country at the back of the properties. A Tahr hunt, while being quite physical is achievable by most people and we have guided clients as young as 9 years of age and a number of Lady hunters as well to secure the trophy of a lifetime.

For Tahr hunting, the best time for the capes is from May through to October and it is possible to see in excess of 100 Tahr a day with many trophy bulls among them.
It is recognized that Kiwi Safaris New Zealand has the finest foot hunting in New Zealand on its private land for trophy bull Tahr.

It is also a fact the Kiwi Safaris NZ have taken more trophy bull Tahr with the bow than anyone else in New Zealand.

Chamois Hunting

Native of central and southern Europe, the Chamois is one of the most graceful game animals to be found in New Zealand. Introduced in 1907, they are now found throughout the mountain ranges of the South Island. Of the antelope family, the Chamois has exceptional eyesight and has the ability to run effortlessly in the roughest terrain.
Both the Bucks and Does have horns but those of the female are normally thinner. The Chamois are a small nimble animal.

The bucks are usually solitary animals and sometimes they are found in small bachelor groups. However with the onset of the rut in April they join the female family groups for about a month. During the mating season the older bucks become quite aggressive and intolerant of the younger males, driving them off, emitting a whistle sound as a warning.

The Chamois like the Tahr can be hunted year round, but the most popular time is from April through to August when the capes are long and black in color with a silver strip along their spine. We normally hunt the Chamois on foot using the spot and stalk method of hunting. Access is by 4x4 vehicles and it is common to come across Chamois while hunting Tahr as they are found in the same areas on our properties.

We can also offer a helicopter for access to some of the more remote areas to get where there are some excellent numbers of trophy animals. This can be an exciting alternative, as well as being the most spectacular flights you will experience with the opportunity to take exceptional trophies.

Fallow Deer Hunting

Originally from Europe, the first fallow deer were introduced into New Zealand in 1864. Now they are the second most wide spread deer in New Zealand. Despite its small size, the fallow buck is very aggressive, during the ‘rut’, when vicious and often fatal fights between bucks occur.

Fallow exhibit three color phases; the most common black or chocolate brown, the brown and spotted menil, and the white fallow. We take several of each color phase every year. Fallow bucks can be hunted from March through to September.

Their antlers differ from Red deer and are more like the moose, round near the bases and palmated out towards the ends. During the ‘rut’ which starts in early April and finishes in May, the bucks are very vocal, making a ‘grunt’ or ‘croak’ noise, as he issues his challenge.

Kiwi Safaris New Zealand offer both ‘free range’ and ‘game estate’ hunts, on large private sheep and cattle ranches, which feature rolling hill country, interspersed with reas of native forest and scrub.The Fallow bucks elusive nature means he can often live in small areas of brush or forest, feeding out onto nearby crops or pasture, similar to the elusive Whitetail of North America. Limited take of mature trophy bucks has ensured we can maintain high trophy standards. Hunting is spot and stalk, on the bush fringes usually in the morning and evenings. The 'rut' is an exciting time to hunt with the vocal, aggressive bucks challenging each other, while keeping harems in tact. The terrain is rolling hills.

Over the past 5 years, the size of the Fallow deer now being taken has risen quite remarkably and now it is becoming common to get Bucks scoring greater than 230SCI.
Typically we take between 25-30 Bucks a year and after the Red Stag are the most favored deer species.

We hunt on 3 properties for Fallow and they are all within a short drive of one another.

Sika, Sambar, and Rusa Deer Hunting

In addition to the species listed above, we also offer excellent hunting for Sika, Sambar, and Rusa deer. Please contact Stick & String Outfitters for details.

Wild Boar Hunting

Captain Cook was the first European to liberate wild pigs in New Zealand in 1773. They are now found all over the country.

It is common to hunt boars with trained dogs, which is exciting and often dangerous, with unpredictable boars. We also use the spot and stalk method on we have excellent properties which have numerous boars. Many of the wild boar get extremely large, some weighing several hundred pounds.

Feral Goats and Sheep Hunting

Feral goats are widespread throughout New Zealand, and come in every conceivable size, shape and color. Trophy billies can be hard to find and a hunt can be an exciting addition to a safari. We have areas with large numbers, making them ideal for bow hunters.

The Arapawa sheep was introduced by explorer, Captain Cook. They make an unusual and attractive trophy, with many rams being taken by overseas hunters each year.
We also have areas where wild merino sheep can be found.

Small Game Hunting and Fishing

Hunting for a variety of varmints is part of the excitement of hunting with Kiwi Safaris. We hunt for wallabys, goats, hares, rabbits and 'possums. These varmint hunts can be a great interlude on your big game safari, also great for honing the shooting skills. They are a lot of fun for your partner, and the younger hunters, if you bring them down to New Zealand with you.

We also have good numbers of wild turkeys on several of our properties. We have one area in particular which has lots of 'big ol' toms'.

New Zealand has some excellent game bird shooting in both the North and South Islands. Most of our bird shooting takes place on properties near our main Tahr hunting properties, so can be combined with a hunt or fishing safari. We can also offer Pheasant and Quail hunts.

The general duck season runs from early May until the end of July. During this season you can shoot Mallards, Grey ducks, Paradise Ducks, Black Swans and Canada Geese. Canada Geese can be hunted for 10 months each year, and there are additional seasons for shooting ducks over crops.

Experience some of the finest trout and salmon fishing in the World! Generally all of our fishing safaris are carried out in the beautiful South Island.We are fortunate to have some of the best guides in New Zealand available to us. Guides like Dick Marquand of Cromwell, who operates on Lake Dunstan and the surrounding rivers, which are only an short drive from Queenstown.

Hunting Properties

Game Ranch Hunts

Kiwi Safaris offers the best game ranch hunts in New Zealand. Our exclusive Game Ranches are large, rolling country with native bush cover for the animals. They offer exciting, challenging and sometimes demanding hunts for some exceptional record book trophies. All trophies taken on our game ranches make the record book! We like to customize our hunts to meet our client's every need. Every combination of species and size trophies available!

What ever you need let us give you a quote for the hunt of a lifetime! Join the 'team' from Kiwi Safaris and experience all New Zealand has to offer.

We use a combination of Lodges, Motor Inns and Ranch Style accommodation depending on where we are hunting. With full facilities and excellent meals it is ideal for hunters and their families. Sight seeing, shopping, adventure and eco tours available for families. We have a range of rifles available at no extra charge.

While monster Red stags and huge Elk bulls are the main game ranch animals Kiwi Safaris hunts, we also can hunt for exceptional Fallow, Sika, Rusa, and Sambar deer. We can also hunt Tahr and Chamois on a game ranch, but because our wild free range hunting for these animals is so good, we like to give our clients the ultimate alpine hunt.
Let the "professional team" from Kiwi Safaris help put your name in the Record book for all time!

Sherwood Park Estate

This property is adjacent to our lodge and consists of gently rolling hills dissected by crystal clear streams, which climb through native tussock to the mountains beyond. The milder climate ensures less winter snow and more spring rain, which in turn make great antler growing conditions. We hunt here for huge Red Stags, Wapiti and Fallow Deer with the occasional Chamois also being taken. It is also an ideal hunting area for Bow Hunters given that it has excellent cover over the whole property. There are also opportunities to hunt Wild Turkey here and fantastic trout fishing is only 5 minutes drive away.

Quartz Creek

Quartz Creek Hunting Estate lies on the southern side of the Rangitata River. It rises from the river terraces to magnificent rolling snow tussock covered tops and down Quartz Creek on the other side to the adjacent Phantom Wilderness. This is a 7,000 map acres property but if laid flat would translate to over 10,000 acres making it New Zealand’s largest and most magnificent hunting estate.

Red and Fallow Deer are the most predominant game to be found here with Tahr and Chamois also present in good numbers throughout the rugged steep creeks in the area.
Canada Geese shooting and great Trout and Salmon fishing are also close by. We use our 4x4 vehicles for access and accommodation is in our Quartz Creek lodge which features 3 guest bedrooms with private bathroom facilities. The views from the lodge are spectacular looking up the Rangitata River Valley.

North Island - Poronui Ranch

Through our partnership with Westervelt, Kiwi Safari can now offer the worlds greatest sika hunting at the home of sika, Poronui Station. What was once a vast high country sheep and cattle run is now a world-class sporting estate attracting trophy hunters and wing shooters from around the world.

Poronui is ideal Sika deer habitat and the original New Zealand release of this species was made here in the early 1900s. Since then this wild herd has flourished and the property produces world-class trophy heads each season. In addition, the extensive game ranch offers trophy hunting for Red, Rusa, Sambar, Sika Stags and Fallow Buck.

Free Range Hunts

Kiwi Safaris is one of the few outfitters in New Zealand to offer true "free-range" hunts on large sections of quality private land. The Red Stag won't be as big as the "estate hunts" but these lands offer challenging and extremely rewarding hunts. Free range stags measure from around 260 to 330 SCI.

The Hossack

Our property, The Hossack, provides the highest quality free range Red Stag hunts available. Enjoy hunting for a true free range Red Stag on 25,000 acres of private wilderness country. Stags taken are guaranteed to make the SCI record book. Hunters may also take any non trophy 'pigs' during the hunt. Best time is from the middle of February through to the middle of May for this hunt. Minimum of 2 hunters and maximum of 4.


This high country ranch is situated in the Marlborough area of the South Island. Clients have the choice of flying into Blenheim or into Christchurch where they will be transferred to the ranch by vehicle. Glazebrook offers one of the best "Free Range" hunts for Red Stag, Fallow Deer and Chamois. The property also has a Game Ranch for those on a limited time frame. Accommodation is in a new custom built lodge which has 4 chalets with private facilities in each.

Enjoy 5 days of hunting for a true free range Red Stag on 16,000 acres of private wilderness country. Stags taken are guaranteed to make the SCI record book. Hunters may also take any non trophy 'pigs' during the hunt. Best time is from the middle of February through to the middle of May for this hunt. Minimum of 2 hunters and maximum of 4.

Phantom Wilderness

The Phantom Wilderness area is the premier Tahr and Chamois free range hunting property in New Zealand following our game management plans over the past 12 years. The hunting area consists of native alpine grasslands or snow tussock as it is known in New Zealand. We regularly take Bulls over 13 inches which was a dream only a few short years ago. Here we hunt the impressive Tahr and Chamois on foot using our 4x4 vehicles for easy access to the remote valleys. Many outfitters will tell you that you can only hunt Tahr with a helicopter but this is not true as you will find when you hunt with us. When hunting the Phantom Wilderness we stay at our lodge at Sherwood which is only 20 minutes drive away.

Orari Wilderness

This is our new hunting property which was hunted for the first time in the 2005 season. It consists of 8,500 acres and is rolling hill country which borders the Orari River and the Phantom Wilderness area. There are 3 good streams flowing through the property, has its own airstrip, 3 excellent duck ponds and is home to Red Stags, Wapiti, Fallow, Tahr and Chamois. It has great 4x4 vehicle access and is only 10 minutes drive from our lodge. The views from here are awesome and we also intend to build a cabin here in case of inclement weather.

Food and Lodging

Sherwood Park Country Estate

Sherwood Park Estate lies to the south of the Phantom Wilderness and Quartz Creek. Here the landscape changes from the high mountains and flows into the lower altitude, gently rolling Fairlie Basin.

The milder climate ensures less winter snow and more spring rain, which in turn make great antler growing conditions. The estate is high fenced and compromises gently rolling country dissected by crystal clear streams, which climb though native tussock to the adjacent mountains.

The gentle easy country makes Sherwood Park, ideal for the older less able hunter looking for a superb Red stag, fallow buck and the occassional chamois. While hunting Sherwood Park accommodation is at our newly built Sherwood Park Lodge, which has three guest rooms each having ensuite bathrooms.

Our main lodge is near Fairlie on the South Island. It is called Sherwood Lodge and it is close to our main hunting areas particularly the Sherwood Range. The Sherwood Lodge has 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms plus we have 4 chalets there which are totally self contained.

We also have a large Games/Trophy Room which contains a Plasma Screen, Cable TV, Laser Shot Game, Pool Table, Internet access, Play Station etc.
We also have a Golf Driving range, Archery Range, Clay Bird Shooting and several Jeeps for 4x4 tours.

Quartz Creek Lodge

Our other lodge is at Quartz Creek in the Rangitata River Valley. The lodge here has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. It also has a self contained unit near the lodge.Right opposite this lodge rafting and fishing is available.


Accommodation is in a new custom built lodge which has 4 chalets with private facilities in each.


Prices and Packages

Hunt Packages

Kiwipak™ Hunts

Over the years, we have put together some of the more popular combination hunts and have named them KiwiPak™ Hunts. All hunts listed below contain the trophy fees for the animals listed, all accommodation, meals during the hunt, guiding, use of firearms and field preparation of your trophies.

2007 Complete Price List (click here)

(These prices may be subject to change without notice)

(1) KiwiPak™ Kiwi Safaris New Zealand “Grand Slam” 8 day Hunting Safari – Gold Medal SCI Red Stag, Gold Medal SCI Wapiti Fallow, Tahr and Chamois. This exciting 8 day Safari will take place on the beautiful South Island. Best months are May, June and July. $23,400

(2) KiwiPak™ 7 day Hunting Safari – Silver Medal SCI Red Stag, Fallow Buck, Bull Tahr and Chamois. Includes daily rates. $12,950.

(2a) KiwiPak™ 7 day hunting Safari – Gold Medal SCI Red Stag, Fallow Buck, Bull Tahr and Chamois. Includes daily rates. $15,500.

(3) KiwiPak™ 7 day hunting Safari – Silver Medal SCI Red Stag, Sika Stag, Bull Tahr and Chamois. Includes daily rates. $13,700.

(4) KiwiPak™ 7 day hunting Safari – Silver Medal SCI Red Stag, Tahr, Goat, Chamois and Ram. Includes daily rates. $11,350.

(5) KiwiPak™ 5 day Hunting Safari – Bull Tahr and Chamois. Experience the finest alpine foot hunt in New Zealand. Includes daily rates. $7,750

(6) KiwiPak™ 5 day Hunting Safari – Silver Medal SCI Red Stag, Tahr and Chamois. Includes daily rates. $10,650

(7) KiwiPak™ 5 day Hunting Safari – Silver Medal SCI Red Stag and Bull Tahr. Includes daily rates. $8,100

(8) KiwiPak™ Kiwi Safaris New Zealand Special Group Hunt - Gold Medal Red Stag Hunt – 4 days – 6 hunters – $7,950 each. Price includes round trip airfare from Los Angeles to Christchurch. Experience the magic of hunting on a private ranch on the beautiful South Island for the majestic Red Stag. As well as the airfare, the price includes the trophy fee for a Gold Medal SCI Red Stag scoring between 330 and 350SCI, all meals and accommodation, guiding and field preparation of your trophy.

 Daily Rate Hunt Prices


1 Hunter x 1 Guide US$500 per day
2 Hunters x 1 Guide US$350 per day each
Non-hunters – US$200 per day each
Non-hunter touring rate – US$350 per day
The daily rate includes pick up from Christchurch International Airport and return, all
accommodation and meals during hunt, guiding, use of firearms and the field preparation of the trophies. The day rate includes NZ Goods and Services tax of 12.5%.

References will gladly be provided upon request.

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